About us

The company ZETA Chrudim, s.r.o. was founded in 1992, when it continued the long-term activity of its founders in the field of rack stackers and lifting equipment of the no longer existing engineering company TRANSPORTA, Chrudim. Since the company was founded, it has been engaged in the supply and comprehensive warranty and post-warranty service of rack stackers, racks, cranes, hoists and other storage and handling equipment.


Our experience and hundreds of successfully implemented projects in the area of storage and moving loads allow us to respond to very specific customer requirements. Right from the first request, we accompany our customers’ projects and propose optimal solutions for them. The customer’s strategy and know-how are our inspiration and the basis for effective action. Together with the customer, we achieve the best solution for increasing production efficiency and cost savings.

What we offer?

  • Production and supply of new rack stackers, column cranes, crane slots and steel structures.
  • Reconstruction and general repairs of all rack stackers, column cranes, crane slots and steel structures, including preparation of current documentation after their reconstruction.
  • Delivery and installation of new automatic warehouses, as well as implementation of automation for older warehouses.
  • Production and delivery of atypical pallets according to the customer’s wishes.
  • Service repairs of machine parts and electrical installations.
  • Revision and revision tests of mechanical and electrical equipment, training of operators, supervisors and maintenance of lifting equipment.
  • Revision of racks, marking and determination of load capacity according to ČSN 269030 and their assembly and disassembly.
  • Revision of steel structures according to ČSN 732601.
  • Delivery of spare parts, technical assistance, scheduled service.
  • Mechanical and electrical projects for the reconstruction and relocation of rack warehouses, electrical equipment projects.
  • Geodetic surveying of travelways of lifting equipment, especially rack stackers and travelways of cranes.
  • Static assessment of steel structures of stackers and cranes.
  • Sale of new / refurbished / used spare parts.



e-mail: info@zakladace.cz

Receipt of electronic invoices

e-mail: fakturace@zakladace.cz

Kamil Plitz

tel.: +420 774 074 062
e-mail: kamil.plitz@zakladace.cz

Petra Slaninová
CEO, accountant

tel.: +420 728 212 293
e-mail: slaninova@zakladace.cz

Michal Doucha

tel.: +420 725 152 001
e-mail: doucha@zakladace.cz

Bc. Jiří Mariánek
client care and service support

tel.: +420 602 182 040
e-mail: marianek@zakladace.cz

Ing. Ondřej Vlček

tel.: +420 724 653 250
e-mail:  vlcek@zakladace.cz

Zdeněk Slanina
IT technologist

e-mail: slanina@zakladace.cz

Ing. Petr Plitz
expert consultant, expert

tel.: +420 602 430 105
e-mail: plitz@zakladace.cz

ZETA Chrudim, s.r.o
K Májovu 1264
CZ – 537 01  Chrudim
Tel.: 469 622 430

IČO: 455 35 809
DIČ: CZ 455 35 809
Bank connection: KB Chrudim
Account no: 500345531/0100

The company is registered in the Commercial Register under file number C 1568 held at the Regional Court in Hradec Králové.

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